A few clients have their say about our collaboration

Franchise Friendly Concepts

Like no other, Dick can translate strategic plans operationally and give them shape. Moreover, his greatest strength and added value to our assignment were in smoothing the way with entrepreneurs in practice and including them, step-by-step, in the operational changes.

Dick manages the total process from concept development to clever implementation in practice. Within a franchise organisation, the work system is an essential factor for successfully running a franchise formula. Dick can also sit at the table with the directors and provide relevant input, certainly with regard to reproducibility of the concept. He is also the person that actually makes it feasible so that it is workable for all staff on the work floor. An indispensable link to get innovations off the ground and to make new food concepts successful.

Corine Holtmaat, Head of Business Support


Jaarbeurs Catering Services

With the start-up and kitchen plan of the Zeyn restaurant on the Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht, Jaarbeurs Catering Services has found a high-quality partner in Culinair Rendement.

Dick van Eeuwijk was perfectly placed for designing a suitable kitchen plan from nothing more than a sketched situation, a global map and a general service description. A plan that, moreover, is aligned to the available investment and operational budget. So that from there, we can supply our quality product smoothly and efficiently.

It is wonderful to experience the success of converting plans from the drawing board into a successful catering concept. In terms of the kitchen, Culinair Rendement has been extremely helpful in this.

Kees Aalbers, Operational Director


The Alwaysmobile Company

Together with Dick van Eeuwijk, I was responsible for all food concepts at Center Parcs for three years (from 1997 to 2000). In the past 25 years, Dick has developed all kitchen concepts for Center Parcs Europe and Sun Parks, amongst others. These kitchen concepts embrace Marché concepts, Fast Food, Casual Dining, Ambient Dining, Theme Dining, International Cuisine and Fresh Food concepts. All these concepts were realised by Dick from start to finish.

Anyone can cook, but cooking successfully and profitably is an art in itself. Dick masters both. Cooking is an art: the portrait on the plate is the result of a creative hand. The skill of the chef is to understand what guests want. But cooking also requires expertise: cooking qualitatively and efficiently while making profit demands not only the chef’s creativity but also a sophisticated process management and general competencies. Cooking is a series of critical activities, each of which must be successful. All parts of the process must be coordinated to achieve the desired end result: a satisfied guest and profit for the entrepreneur.

With his company Culinair Rendement, Dick now offers contemporary and all-inclusive food & kitchen support to businesses. He offers his clients high-quality support in developing highly contemporary food concepts. He has an international, intuitive flair for developing, implementing, guiding and supporting culinary food concepts in Europe.

Characteristic of Dick: he is known for his no-nonsense approach, his determination, decisiveness and project management skills.

Luc van Bussel, CEO


Shoot My Food & Foodservice Network

I worked with Dick for 10 years at Center Parcs Europe. We worked together on concept development, product development, operational support and the construction of new parks.

Dick applied his unique talents to make the best operational choices combined with renewal and efficiency. He has the unique gift to be able to work on operational and project management levels and also with direct colleaguesand whereby he proceeds extremely directly and decisively.

Dick is exceptionally strong in realising projects ‘pre-opening’ and during the follow up and streamlining after opening. In the four countries we’ve worked in, he has fully demonstrated, based on his individual strengths, that he is a reliable, first class professional. Differences in culture and language form no barrier to him.

Extremely impressed with his qualities, have thus also heartily recommended to him that he put his talents to use in his own business. I would recommend him without hesitation. Dick is absolutely “the best in class” for your Culinary Returns!

Arjan de Boer, Managing Director


Pierre & Vacances / Center Parcs Group

I have been working together with Dick for the past 10 years, and hope to continue doing that for many more in the future.

Dick is a total team player. He is used to reaching a good result together with the internal (directors, management and staff) and external players (suppliers, architects, consultants). He hereby flawlessly knows how he can get everyone on side to bring a project to a good conclusion. Even in complex matrix organisations, he has mastered the art of convincing everyone to support a new initiative.

Dick is someone who knows how to execute projects and who always achieves his objectives. In fact, it is a reassurance for the client to have Dick on board.

His professionalism, expertise and innovative drive are not up for discussion. The many benchmark trips both at home and abroad are still fresh in my mind. Always approaching substantive discussions on how we can further the project. Not afraid to implement innovations or optimise processes using new techniques.

Mark Haak Wegmann, Chief Development & Innovation Officer


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