Who is Dick van Eeuwijk? A short biography

I would like to introduce myself to you: Dick van Eeuwijk, the man behind Culinair Rendement. I enjoy other’s successes immensely. Thus I will do everything I can to enable your organisation and staff to shine. I believe in the strength of a well-oiled and motivated team. I am a people-person, a team player and will gladly work together with you and your team on solutions to your problems. Together, because I am convinced that a broad base is invaluable in optimisation processes.

I like pioneering. I like bringing an underdeveloped idea to fruition through a streamlined, structured process. I think with you about your concept idea, I sit at the drawing table but am not shy of the work floor. The best advice is from someone who knows how things work in practice. Due to my various jobs, I know the catering market like the back of my hand and I am familiar with the culinary and logistics and purchasing processes.


My love for cooking and catering grew during my childhood, my parents ran various catering businesses and that has left its mark. After I had successfully gone through vocational catering training (SVH Stichting Vakonderwijs Horeca) I naturally landed in the catering trade. I worked for almost 10 years – until 1986 – in various catering businesses both at home and abroad. In that way I have seen all corners of the catering world: from bistro to self-service business and from ski resort in Switzerland to starred restaurant in Belgium.

I started working at Center Parcs Heijderbos in Heijen in 1986, where I became head chef after 2 years. In the following years I was regularly assigned to provide guidance at other Centre Parcs parks, both nationally and internationally. I was sent to locations that weren’t working well. I tried to put my finger on the problem areas. I worked there, together with the managers, to find suitable solutions and helped with implementation thereof.

In 1996 I exchanged the kitchen at Heijderbos for the Center Parcs head office in Rotterdam. Using my years of operational experience, I was closely involved with almost all renovations and new build projects for catering outlets and co-responsible for streamlining the central operational and purchasing processes within Center Parcs.

Around 2008, Servex (operator of the catering formulas at NS train stations) asked me to collaborate on a pasta-to-go concept for train stations. This finally resulted in the development of the currently, well-running concept ‘Julia’s’.

Throughout the years, I had a growing desire to start my own business which only reached full maturity during the project for Servex. I looked for a way to optimally apply all my acquired knowledge to numerous food organisations. And so at the end of 2009, I started by own culinary agency Culinair Rendement.

Call me for an appointment and hear how Culinair Rendement’s solutions can serve to you.

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